Unlocking the Charm of Emus: A Simple, Basic Guide to Raising These Fascinating Birds

Unlocking the Charm of Emus: A Simple, Basic Guide to Raising These Fascinating Birds

 Emus, those remarkable flightless birds hailing from Australia, have captured the hearts of many with their striking appearance and captivating behaviors. Renowned for their agile sprinting abilities, reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph), and their curious and intelligent personalities, emus have become a popular choice for both pet enthusiasts and farmers. If you're contemplating the idea of raising emus, we're here to provide you with the essential knowledge you'll need for a successful journey into the world of these intriguing birds. 

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The Right Space for Emus

Emus are known wanderers and need ample room to roam. Providing them with a large, securely fenced area is crucial. Aim for at least half an acre of space per bird. While a fence of six feet in height is ideal, we've found that a four-foot fence with a five-foot high-tension wire can usually suffice. Ensure the enclosure is well-maintained to prevent escapes, as emus can be escape artists. Offering a shelter to escape harsh weather is advised, although they love a good rain shower and often prefer to be outside. 

A Protein-Packed Diet

Emus are fast-growing birds, and as such, they require a diet rich in protein. You can opt for a commercial emu feed that meets their dietary needs or supplement their meals with grains, vegetables, and fruits. We've had great success with a 20% protein ration. Keep a close eye on their nutritional intake to ensure they thrive.

Hydration Is Key

Emus are thirsty creatures and need access to clean water at all times. Provide them with a spacious water trough or an alternative water source that allows them to dip their beaks fully and extend their necks upward to drink comfortably. Proper hydration is essential for their well-being.

The Social Side of Emus

Emus are social animals, thriving when they are part of a pair or a small group, referred to as a "mob." We strongly discourage keeping a single emu, as they are happier and healthier in the company of their own kind. However, introducing emus to each other should be done with care to prevent conflicts. Establish a separation area to provide refuge for individuals prone to fighting or being picked on by other members of the mob.

Commitment and Research

Raising emus can be a truly rewarding experience, but it demands dedication and research. Make sure you are prepared to invest the necessary time and resources to ensure the well-being of these remarkable birds. They will reward your care with their unique personalities and captivating presence.

For even more detailed insights and practical tips on raising emus, we invite you to explore our Emus 101 Series on our YouTube Channel. We're here to support you on your emu-raising journey!

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