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  • Metal Raised Garden Beds

    These are our favorite raised garden beds. 8' x 4' x 1' - these were so easy to assemble and they are holding up so well.

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  • Seeding Square

    The Seeding Square is our trick to perfect spacing of all of our plantings.

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  • Seedtime

    The "secret" behind how we plan out all our gardens

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  • Garden Apron

    I received this awesome apron from my sister for my birthday! I love this apron! Farm and garden chores are so much easier with all my favorite tools right close at hand!

    Get here to get yours 
  • Garden Hat

    I love the sun and would much rather have it on my face but my face doesn't agree. I severe case of heat rash around my eyes led me to this wide-brimmed hat and it has helped tremendously.

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